Design Ratings

While customization is a key benefit of the Level program, not all designs are as inherently adaptable as others. For example, a design that features very tonal, overlapping colors will be more difficult to custom color than one that is primarily separate, solid colors. To better set expectations as early as possible, we’ve rated each of our designs for the most common types of customizations requested. This information can be found by clicking on the image thumbnails for each Design Standard as you browse this site. It is also featured on the samples for each Design Standard.


Designs with this icon are created from an original photograph or hand-crafted piece of art. As such the image may begin to degrade when scaled beyond 9 feet in height.

This icon denotes designs that are raster-based images. They are created to be as scalable as possible, but they may begin to degrade when scaled beyond about 12 feet in height.
This icon is used to indicate vector-based designs, which can be scaled almost infinitely without any loss of sharpness or quality.


This icon indicates designs that are not inherently a repeating pattern. For significantly wide or tall installations, we will normally crop, stretch, or mirror the design to fit your customer’s space.
Designs with this icon repeat from side to side. For significantly wide installations, they can be scaled and/or repeated to fit the required space.
Designs featuring this icon repeat from side to side and from top to bottom. They can be fitted to any space by scaling the design or by tiling the design without affecting the scale.


This icon indicates designs that feature relatively solid, opaque colors, which lend themselves to customization. Custom colors will therefore mostly reproduce as expected.
Designs with this icon feature colors that are textured, layered, transparent, or tonal in nature. As a result, custom colors may not reproduce entirely as expected.