OSU Fry Hall

OSU Fry Hall

fry spot

For the Low Vision and Pediatric Optometry Clinic in Ohio State University’s Fry Hall, the Level Design “Alpha Beta” was used as both vinyl wallcovering and window film.  Resembling a jumbled eye chart, this whimsical pattern of letters was custom colored to OSU’s scarlet and grey and other bright palettes to create an upbeat atmosphere.  

Original Level Design L330002CD Alpha Beta - Teal

Original Level Design L330002CD Alpha Beta – Teal

Used as window film at the Clinic’s Entrance, the background of the design was kept clear to allow light to fill the space – but the graphic element ensures safety for those who can’t perceive the difference between clear glass and an opening. Graphic window film helps to create this visual difference, and also presents an opportunity for branding by using OSU’s easily recognizable scarlet and grey.

entry film bigbig mocks columns 

Inside the Clinic, columns were also wrapped with the pattern, incorporated OSU’s scarlet and gray brand, as well as a fun secondary palette of colors with small scale letters.  

Inside the exam rooms, the same pattern was used at a larger scale with a variety of background colors to help distinguish the spaces.

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  • Date September 6, 2016
  • Tags Medical Center, Typography, Wallcovering, WindowFilm