Custom Color

One of the most popular features of the Level program is the ability to customize the color of the designs. With over a thousand colors to choose from, our Level Color Book is by far the most effective and efficient way to bring your palette to life:

  • Browse the individual pages below to determine which page or pages contain the approximate color you are looking for.

  • Ask your sales representative for an official,  printed copy of the page(s).

  • Make your final selection(s) from the actual printed page(s).

Level Color Book

Please Note:

Due to individual computer monitor and printer limitations, we do not recommend making your final color selections from the digital swatches on this page, nor any printouts of color from this page. For an accurate sample of our colors, you must request official pages of the Level Color Book from your sales representative!

Various artistic effects inherent in some designs, as well as your final choice of substrate, can alter the way custom colors appear when printed. And due to individual computer monitor and printer limitations, colors seen on digital mockups may not accurately reflect actual printed colors. For an accurate sample of your custom color you must order a Strike-Off.

Each Level design is designated as featuring either solid or tonal colors (see individual design pages). Solid Color designs feature relatively solid, opaque colors, which lend themselves to customization, so custom colors will therefore mostly reproduce as expected. Tonal Color designs primarily feature colors that are textured, layered, transparent, or tonal in nature. As a result, custom colors will likely not reproduce as a 100% match to a solid color reference swatch. Ask your sales representative for more information. 

Level color tolerances meet or exceed generally accepted digital print industry standards. The Level production staff makes every attempt to achieve the colors that you request as closely as possible within the current limitations of technology. Level inspects all finished product under specific color-correct lighting conditions (Daylight, 5000 degrees Kelvin, D50 bulbs).