Overview & How-To

Level designs can be specified as-is or adapted in a variety of ways to suit your space.

Choose a design from the Level program. If any of the basic layouts and colorations offered suit your needs, go directly to Step 3. Should you require custom colors or alterations to the layout of the design, go to Step 2.

If you require alterations to the layout of a design, please provide as much information as possible when you request your quote. Sketches, photos, and the like will help communicate your intention to our designers. When specifying custom colors, please provide the best reference possible, which can include paint swatches, Pantone® numbers, or samples of other wallcoverings or fabric.

All Level designs are sized to customer specifications. In many cases you will simply need to know the overall height and length/width of your space, and your selected design will be sized accordingly. If you have a complex installation that requires multiple sizes or custom fitting to intricate spaces, please have as much information as possible ready when you call for your quote. In these cases, dimensioned blueprints, field measurements, drawings, or site photos (as available) may be required in order to properly assess and quote a job. Please note that we add 2 inches of overage to all sides of the final product to allow for normal variances between measurements provided and actual installation site conditions.

Your design may be printed on any of the materials offered in the Level program. A list of these is available at the Substrates section of the Level website. Should you require printing on a material not offered by Level, we will attempt to procure and test the material as efficiently and economically as possible. Since each material has its own unique attributes, it’s important to remember that different substrates may cause the same design or color to appear dramatically different from one to the next. We will gladly work with you to select the right material for your job.

Once you’ve compiled this information, simply contact your sales representative to request a quote!