Printable Materials

From commercial grade vinyl to specialty products, we will help you choose the right material to suit your customer’s needs. We have the ability to print on almost any substrate, and will gladly attempt to procure and test new materials for your project if necessary.

Standard Substrates: These are the most often specified and popular materials. They have been thoroughly tested and are recommended for all Level designs. We keep our standard substrates in inventory, which allows us to be responsive to tight deadlines. This group includes these materials:

  • Type II 20 oz. Commercial Vinyl (Smooth, or Stipple Texture)
  • Type II PVC-Free Contract Wallcovering (Smooth, or Stipple Texture)

Specialty Substrates: We can digitally print on a wide array of materials, both rigid and rolled goods. We generally do not keep these items ready on hand, but most can be quickly obtained, or tested for suitability for your installation requirements. Just some of the many substrates in the group include:

  • Polycarbonates and Acrylic Sheets
  • Rigid Wall Protection Materials
  • Sound Absorption and Acoustic Products
  • Laminates and Wood Veneers
  • Premium Artist’s Canvas
  • Commercial Pressure Sensitive Films

Our experienced, knowledgeable team can quickly provide you basic information about the durability and color characteristics of most specialty materials, but it is important to remember that printing on specialty materials nearly always involves a longer lead time and more up-front expense than our standard materials. However, there is no better way to create a stunning and utterly unique wallcovering than printing on a special material, and we’re here to help you every step of the way.

We proudly offer green solutions that meet the demands of our environmentally conscious customers without sacrificing the highest standards of artistry, quality, and durability. Building owners can obtain LEED credits and meet AgBB Criteria using our GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certified℠ wallcoverings.

We also offer optional liquid laminate top-coats that provide additional durability and abrasion resistance, or add anti-microbial properties for healthcare and hospital surfaces.