Installation Support

Before You Begin

Installation of a Level custom mural requires a higher attention to detail than installation of standard repeat wallcovering. The individual panels that comprise your mural must be installed in the correct orientation and sequence, and there are special considerations to ensure a successful installation. Before beginning installation, thoroughly read all included installation instructions and installation diagrams.


  • Confirm that you have the correct product for your installation.
  • Familiarize yourself with the installation diagram, and look for any potential discrepancy between the diagram and the actual installation space.
  • Inspect the mural. If at all possible, unbox and inspect every panel of the mural ahead of time, looking for any apparent defects. If space doesn’t allow the entire mural to be laid out, inspect each panel as you prepare them for installation.
  • Assess all walls for significant bowing or other uneven surfaces that may cause misalignment of panels.
  • Follow all included installation instructions and installation diagram.

If no defect is evident before installation, the material should be inspected after three (3) panels are installed. Should you discover any problems at this time (or at any point during installation), STOP IMMEDIATELY and CONTACT LEVEL at (216) 432-1400 x.108. LEVEL WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR CHARGES OVER THREE (3) PANELS OF MATERIAL.

Antes de comenzar

Este producto es un mural hecho a medida, y su instalación requiere una mayor atención a los detalles que la instalación de un revestimiento mural estándar repetido. Con los productos acabados se incluye un diagrama de instalación que ilustra la secuencia apropiada de instalación del panel. El revestimiento de la pared debe ser instalado en estricta conformidad con este diagrama. 


  • Confirme que este es el producto correcto para esta instalación.
  • Familiarícese con el diagrama de instalación, y busque cualquier posible discrepancia entre el diagrama y el espacio de instalación real.
  • Inspeccione el mural. Si es posible, desempaque e inspeccione cada panel del mural con antelación, buscando cualquier defecto aparente. Si el espacio no permite que todo el mural se distribuya, inspeccione cada panel mientras los prepara para su instalación.
  • Evalúe todas las paredes para detectar arqueamientos significativos u otras superficies irregulares que puedan causar una mala alineación de los paneles.
  • Siga todas las instrucciones de instalación y el diagrama de instalación incluidos.

Si no hay ningún defectors evidence antes de la instalación, el material debe ser inspeccionado después de que instalen tres (3) paneles. Si descubre algún problema en ese momento (o en cualquier momento durante la instalación), PARE INMEDIATAMENTE y CONTACTE A LEVEL LLAMANDO AL (216) 432- 1400 EXT.108. LEVEL NO SERÁ RESPONSABLE DE CARGOS DE MÁS DE TRES (3) PANELES DE MATERIAL.

Understanding Wallcovering Panel Layout & Markings

This video explains the various installation aids that are printed on each wallcovering mural panel. As always, be sure to read and understand the specific installation instructions included with your Level product.

And here’s a static view of that same information:

Achieving the Proper Alignment of Wallcovering Panels

This video demonstrates how to achieve proper panel alignment.

And here’s a static view of that same information:

  1. INCORRECT: In this demo, the two panels has been visually aligned. The double-cut indicators are not matched up/overlapped at both ends.  This caused the bottom to align, but not the top.
  2. INCORRECT: In this demo, the two panels has been visually aligned. The double-cut indicators are not matched up/overlapped at both ends.  This caused the top to align, but not the bottom.
  3. CORRECT: In this demo, the mural has been aligned following the double-cut indicators. When these lines are matched up the mural will perfectly align. This will allow for a successful double-cut and a perfectly fitted seam.


We would also love for you to send us a photo of your Mural installed. Send any installation pictures to