Installation Support

Installation Instructions

Before You Begin

Installation of a Level custom mural requires a higher attention to detail than installation of standard repeat wallcovering. The individual panels that comprise your mural must be installed in the correct orientation and sequence, and there are special considerations to ensure a successful installation. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the following guidelines.


    1. OPEN and thoroughly inspect the product for defects. Installation Instructions and an Installation Diagram will be included with finished goods.
    2. CONFIRM that this is the correct product for this installation. Finished goods and the Installation Diagram should match.
    3. VERIFY that the dimensions of the product correspond to those of the installation space. Field Verified Dimensions are printed on your Installation Diagram. It is always a good idea to remeasure the space.
    4. CHECK the alignment of the pattern across panels prior to hanging. Wherever possible, we strongly recommend (in a clean space away from dirt and debris) to lay out and assess all mural panels to help detect any problems that may arise during installation.
    5. ASSESS the walls for bowing, sagging or uneven surfaces as these may cause misalignment.
    6. STOP immediately and contact your distributor if any discrepancy is discovered. Our distributors’ contact information is located here.

Should you experience any problems during installation, 
stop immediately and call our Installation Hotline at 
(216) 432-1400 x.108.

You must inspect this product prior to installation! Level Digital Wallcoverings’ warranty covers manufacturing only. Level Digital Wallcoverings is not responsible for any labor, installation, or removal of incorrect, damaged, or defective goods, nor for any labor, installation, or removal of goods as a result of defects in the wall surface. Read all installation instructions included with the product prior to installation.


  • Wall surfaces should be clean, smooth, and free from any marks, mildew, and imperfections. Any existing wallcovering or other surface materials should be removed.
  • The moisture content of the wall should not exceed 7%.
  • Wall sizing should be applied and allowed to thoroughly dry.
  • A wallcovering primer (Roman-PRO 997 Ultra Prime is recommended) is required and it is not recommended to apply wallcovering directly to paint.
  • Gypsum board finish should comply with AWCI Specification, Level 4 or higher although a Level 5 finish is ideal.
  • Do not mark the wall with any ball point pens or markers as the ink may seep through wallcovering. Use pencil if marking wall is necessary.

Tips & Troubleshooting

Recommended Paste & Primer

For all Level products that require a wallcovering adhesive to install*, we recommend the following for best results:

  • Roman-PRO 880 Ultra® Clear Strippable Wallcovering Adhesive
  • Roman-PRO 997 Ultra Prime (A wallcovering primer is required for any pasted wallcovering.)

*Refer to your product’s specific installation instructions for details.

Breakdown of the Install Diagram

The Install Diagram is one of the items that will be included with finished goods. If your Install Diagram is missing, stop and contact your distributor immediately to recieve a replacement document.  

Panel Information

Panel Alignment

All seams are designed to be double-cut with 1” overlap on each side. Please take care when matching the pattern at seams to accommodate this feature. Mural panels are shipped with selvage around all edges that requires trimming during installation.


The Master File

This is an example of a production file that was sent to print. As you can see, the only areas that are marked/highlighted are the outside bleed. We do not create the panels ourselves, the printer does that. The file does not have any crop marks or double cut indicators, since the print software also adds those.

How to Properly Align a Level Mural

  1. INCORRECT: In this demo, the two panels has been visually aligned. The double-cut indicators are not matched up/overlapped at both ends.  This caused the bottom to align, but not the top.
  2. INCORRECT: In this demo, the two panels has been visually aligned. The double-cut indicators are not matched up/overlapped at both ends.  This caused the top to align, but not the bottom.
  3. CORRECT: In this demo, the mural has been aligned following the double-cut indicators. When these lines are matched up the mural will perfectly align. This will allow for a successful double-cut and a perfectly fitted seam.
Alignment Demonstration Video 
Reasons for Misalignment

  1. Installer issue – The mural has not been aligned following our double-cut indicators. These marks must be lined up perfectly on the top and bottom. Murals require a higher attention to detail than installation of standard repeat wallcoverings.
  2. Material has stretched – Very rare with our new technology. Our substrates are no longer heated in order to coat. Each panel is also double checked and measured by our production team before being shipped out.
  3. Misprint – Very rare and highly unlikely. The murals are created from a master file and the RIP/printer software creates the panels. This removes any ability for human error.
  4. Wall has bowing, sagging or an uneven surface – This is possible and should be addressed before installing the mural.


We would also love for you to send us a photo of your Mural installed. Send any installation pictures to