Custom Color

Should you wish to specify colors that are not part of our basic program offering, custom coloration is available for most of our designs. A highly cost effective way of specifying custom color is the use of our Color Target Sheets. Available on our basic vinyl material, simply browse the chart of 1,000+ digitally printable colors to see if an ‘existing’ color satisfies your needs. If so, these colors can be specified for use in a design without the need for more elaborate custom proofing. We also have a variety of tools to assist you in specifying custom colors that fall outside of these target sheets. Contact your sales representative for details.

Click a Thumbnail to View the Color Target Sheets

  1. Find the specific sheet(s) that best approximate your target color
  2. Request a copy of the sheet(s)from your sales representative
  3. Compare the color swatches to your target color and make your selection(s)

NOTE: This image is for online reference only, and is NOT INTENDED to be printed out and/or serve as a substitute for the actual manufacturer’s Color Target Sheets. Please use this image solely as a tool to help you determine the specific Color Target Sheets that you would like to have sent to you. You MUST make your final color selections from the actual manufacturer’s Color Target Sheets.

Please keep in mind that various artistic effects inherent in some designs, as well as your final choice of substrate, can alter the way these colors appear when printed. And due to individual computer monitor and printer limitations, colors seen here may not accurately reflect actual printed colors. For an accurate sample of your production color you must order a Strike-Off.

Level color tolerances meet or exceed generally accepted digital print industry standards. The Level production staff makes every attempt to achieve the colors that you request as closely as possible within the current limitations of technology. Level inspects all finished product under specific color-correct lighting conditions (Daylight, 5000 degrees Kelvin, D50 bulbs).