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Thinking Pink? Sneak Peek of Level’s New “Rose Quartz” Pastel Palette

Because we are so excited to release our new Mural Resource Book (very soon!), here’s a sneak peek inside.  In addition to new designs, helpful advice, and creative solutions, the Level team is introducing new trend-forward color palettes, such as “Rose Quartz”.  Here’s a few Level Designs featuring our new “Rose Quartz” pastel palette, straight out of our forthcoming book.   NEW DESIGN! L60206 Timber! – Rose Quartz     L52104 Convoke – Rose Quartz (Design by Danny Ivan)   L33706 Gingko – Rose Quartz (Shown as window film)   L31127 Float – Rose Quartz     L33706 Gingko – Rose Quartz     L21154 Ripple – Rose Quartz     L31069 Willow Wisp – Rose Quartz

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Parker Jewish Institute

The Parker Jewish Institute for Health Care and Rehabilitation is a non-profit that offers short term rehabilitation, sub-acute care and nursing home care, as well as community-based health care in a 300,000 sq. ft. facility in the outskirts of New York City.  Building on the Parker’s mission to address the challenges of long term care – loneliness, helplessness, and boredom – this new design centered on a residential setting that would foster independence, encourage resident choices, and provide areas for both socialization as well as privacy and quiet.  The traditional care giving requirements of a nursing unit were updated with an atmosphere of home rather than an institution.  The Level Design “Willow Wisp”, a soothing botanical design with a pleasingly colorful palette, was used in a lounge area – to mirror the view of the gardens outside the windows opposite. Level Design: L21062CD Willow Wisp in “Blue Sedge” (Above) to see more versions, please visit the “Designs” section of our website.

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